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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 25, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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i can't. i'm so sorry, but... i'm done with having kids. (blows air) (liquid splashes)
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new research is showing that younger women between 30 and 55 suffer heart attacks are putting off rushing to the emergency room because they don't recognize the symptoms. >> yes, symptoms for women when it comes to a heart attack include nan the jaw, stomach, back pain nausea fatigue. >> hard to distinguish the symptoms. >> you wouldn't think pain in the jaw is an indicator you
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would be in trouble. in the meantime a new mobile app is helping people keep tabs on their heart health more than ever before. >> reporter: dental student katie schwartz has an irregular heart beat. she used to get regular ecgs and now records it and gets it to her doctor. >> if i feel my heart is racy and i put my fingertips thereon and i can see everything. it is awesome. >> reporter: if it feels out of sync a miniature monitor lets her check her heart's status. that's the ideal thing. if you are at risk you are notified. >> reporter: now the creator of this app have teamed up with usc cardiologist lesscy saxton and her colleague to create the first app that lets you stamp your heart rate on a photo you are sharing with the world. you simply record your heart rate biostamp it on a picture and post it. >> gives you insight in to
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paerngs another entertainment venue as well as providing you with health information. this is the new era that i think our children will be staying i can't believe you didn't stamp everything with your biometrics. >> reporter: the usc center is conducting a study with the heart monitor see what they can learn about cardiac health. if thousands started to share their heart rates on social media. they are giving the $75 meter to 5,000 participants for free. sharing her heart rate doesn't appeal to katie but feels safe knowing the power to save her life is in her hands. >> seek help right away. >> we are discussing this why -- what's the cool part of sharing your heart rate? i guess other people who have heart issues. >> another social media thing you put out there. some people would argue once you put it out there it is public knowledge. if you go for a job interview they can find out do you have a
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health issues? things that some people want to keep secret. >> what should the heart rate be? what's a good healthy heart rate. >> i don't know. >> i don't know what miechb should be. >> can you page the medical team. >> anyone over there? >> wait. i don't know about that. our producer is giving us great information in our ear right now. >> does anyone have a pulse at this hour? anyone in the newsroom? anybody? >> what's that? what? >> one person. >> thank you, jack. you can depend on jack. >> just woke up. >> something that will help your heart rate maybe you need to get to the gym but sometimes you want to get out of the gym, the gym membership. >> a growing number of americans complaining it is almost as hard as trying to get a divorce. what you need to know before you join that gym. got a pulse there, jack? >> jack's awake. he's alive. >> only one out of 20. you are watching "world news now."
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>> announc
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low monthly fees, no initiation fees. >> sowns great but if you try to quit them it is a different story. here's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: if your goal of becoming a gym rat in 2015 isn't quite becoming a reality, there's something important you should know before you try to cans canal that membership. >> i'm confused. i can't cancel or can cancel? >> reporter: this gold's gym location in oxnard california made it so hard for members to cut the cord the district attorney's office compared that location to the eagles song "hotel california". ♪ check out anytime you like but you can never leave ♪ >> reporter: prosecutors opening an investigation even sending an agent yournd cover. >> i'm doing what the contract says and you are not letting me cancel. >> would you like to leave your phone number? >> reporter: the case resulting in a $6 million judgment against that particular gym which has since gone out of business. parent company golds gym
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international saying the case was only against that particular franchise and ended that franchise relationship saying golds gym maintains the highest level of standards and no other gold's gym locations around the country were involved or impacted by this in any way. the better business bureau telling us they receive more than 6,000 complaints of all kinds on gyms last year. some of those people trying to cancel their memberships. how can you avoid being one of them? if your first response is to pick up the phone or cancel in person consumer reports says you could be wasting your time. >> first thing to do is take out the contract and see what the cancellation policy is. >> reporter: tip one, put it in writing. >> you may have to send a notarized letter. >> it was like a bad divorce. >> reporter: marissa calhoun said she was told her membership was cancelled. >> there was a direct debit out of my account and he said it
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should stop but the next month another hit my account. >> tip two pay with klaasic. if there is a dispute. >> call up the credit card company and say this is not a what i agreed to and they will check in to it and hold your payment. >> tip three, buyer beware. health clubs may tell you their policies are simple at the time of sign up but when it comes to gym memberships the most important thing you can exercise is caution. >> ultimately what matters is on the page. >> what's the legal agreement. that's what you have to stand by. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. >> rebecca always has great advice. >> doesn't it seem a shame that you need a contract to join a gym? >> yeah. >> contract. >> have you done this before. >> luckily my one year is over and now it is month to month. so i can cancel anytime. >> that's what you think. bring the contract tomorrow.
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you go long™. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the curl. got it? got it? >> we are talking about looks. >> we were talking about your hair. >> i'm having a hair issue. >> a lot of people are still talking about the fashion, the gowns on parade sunday night at the red carpet at the oscars. >> can a mere mortal like ourselves really look as good as those folks who walk the red carpet? abbie boudreau checked it out. oscar dresses for less. >> reporter: the glitz, the glamour the gorgeous gowns. >> some of these dresses were in the six figures.
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>> reporter: six figures? for those on a tighter budget hoping to get wallet friendly versions of academy award worthy look sghs the color is the inspiration. >> reporter: i turned to cameron silver and headed to in order tropical storm in l.a. to learn how to create the ravishing red carpet looks in a flash and at a fraction of the price. >> a lot of gorgeous hair to deal with. >> reporter: cameron's glam squad including a team help to transform models bee anna and lauren from everyday looks in to oscar worthy glamour. >> now we wait for the transformation. lauren in a gown inspired by anna kendrick's creation complete with a jewelled neckline all for around $400. what about the peek-a-boo opening. >> what if you wear the dress backwards and it really works. >> oh my god, it looks amazing. looks like a different dress. >> reporter: next up, let's not forget about the matching shoes.
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>> earrings 8 bucks, dress $118. >> those are red carpet earrings. >> yes. >> her look head to toe ringing in at $375. the final look. "50 shades of grey" starlet dakota johnson and guess who gets to step in her stilettos. what do you think. >> you look like an oscar nominee, actually a winner. >> reporter: shoes, dress and clutch all for 450s. >> we added a broach to create the effect of the jewelled strap. >> reporter: red carpet style in an instaent. >> she is our starlet. abbie boudreau she always looks great. >> she's in l.a. living the life out there, man. >> who inspired that dress. ♪ happy birthday ♪ -- >> mr. who? >> sorry.
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3:00 breaking news on "world news now," justice served. the jury in the american sniper trial reaching a sflerkt less than three hours. finding eddie ray routh guilty in the murders of chris kyle and chad littlefield. the family's emotional reaction overnight. >> we are so thrilled that we have the verdict that we have tonight. >> we'll go inside the courtroom for more on this developing story. battle cry. an american's dangerous fight facing isis on the front lines. drawing strength from his christian faith to face terrorists head on. >> i have had a lot of people refer to me as the american crusader. i'm not here for violence. i'm here for peace. >> with a bounty on his head, abc news follows him right in to the center of the war zone. also, it's toy time.
3:01 am
we'll check out the latest and greatest from the grand daddy of all toy fairs and playing around with the hottest new gadgets our very own wizard. >> oh look at that. >> pour that out. >> it's disappearing like my career. >> oh. christmas coming early this morning. it is wednesday, february 25th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." good morning to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. boy, what an evening it was a few hours ago them verdict finally coming in from texas on the american sniper trial. i tell you, it wasn't a moment i think of vindication for anybody or happiness. i think both sides sort of heart breaking especially for the wife of chris kyle and we heard from judy littlefield, the mother of the other friend who was with them at the time. i just keep thinking about the need for mental health help for our veterans and for americans across the nation.
3:02 am
>> there are so many -- no winners necessarily in this story. now it's something -- a lot of us it's a lot more personal to everyone. yes, this is someone who served the country and his story now, everybody is so up close and personal with the story because of the movie that got his story out. really, this trial has been going on for a little bit. but the verdict was pretty quick. took less than three hours for the jury to find eddie ray routh guilty of capital murder. jurors not buying his insanity defense. that's what his lawyers presented. abc's ted rowlands has the details for us. >> we the jury find the defendant eddie ray routh guilty are. >> reporter: the jury in the american sniper trial decide that routh knew what he was doing when he gunned down kyle and littlefield. >> we have waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son and as always, god has proved to be faithful. >> reporter: the decision came down just hours after testimony from a forensic expert who said
3:03 am
kyle was shot multiple times in the back. the war hero never had a chance to defend himself. howard ryan told the court he definitely never saw it coming. ryan also said he believes kyle's friend was shot first, chad little field's wound necessary back, face and head. kyle's widow taya was in the courtroom after returning from the oscars. >> i wanted to be here to represent chris obviously. it's not the ideal time to do that but i still want to embrace everything that he should be here to do with me. >> reporter: now routh faces a lifetime behind bars. ted rowlands abc news los angeles. >> we turn to george zimmerman. he's not going to face federal charges in the shooting death of trayvon martin. after interviewing dozens of witnesses the justice department found there was not enough evidence to prove he killed the teenager because of his race. he was acquitted of murder
3:04 am
charges and the shooting sparked national protest two years before ferguson set off protests. martin's parents express disappointment but thank them for the investigation. investigators say jose a ramirez mistakenly turned on to the tracks and was facing the oncoming train when he jumped out. abc's cecilia vega was at the crash site. >> reporter: the collision created a fire ball upon impact. the truck sliced in half smoldering parts scattered near the crossing. all five cars derailed. three toppling on to their sides. >> request for six ambulances. heavy rescue. metrolink car versus vehicle. >> reporter: the train left east ventura at 5:25 a.m. just 20 minutes to to the trip, the truck turned on to the tracks and got stuck as the train approached. the conductor noticed the vehicle on the tracks early on
3:05 am
and tried to use the emergency braking system but it was too late and this is the result the impact sent 51 people on board flying. >> flipping on the pole like a flag asking the guy across from me are you okay? >> reporter: rescue workers laying out triage tarps. red for critical condition. 28 rushed to the hospital some with spinal and head injuries. >> we did what we could. lucky to survived. >> reporter: in 2008 a commuter train collided in to a freight train killing 25 people. earlier this month, six people died when a new york commuter train slammed in to an suv that drove on the the tracks. but in this crash, investigators credit new technology that absorbed the impact and may have saved lives. >> i think we could safe ly say the technology worked. safely say it would have been much worse without it. >> reporter: ntsb investigators are on the ground out here. now these crews are racing to lift these trains off of these
3:06 am
tracks while still keeping them intact for the investigation. cecilia vega abc news oxnard california. an unbelievable scene in a quiet new jersey town. a gas explosion ripping apart a home and injuring 15 people. neighbors say it felt like a earthquake. half of those injured were gas company workers trying to locate the source of a leak. abc's tom llamas with the story. >> reporter: watch what happens when a police cruiser heading to the scene of a natural gas leak stops just before the explosion. watch the dash cam video again. a house blown off of its foundation. >> it happened so quickly with the explosion we had debris all around us come from nowhere. >> reporter: the home was under renovation and empty at the time but 15 people were injured, two in critical condition on this freezing cold day. 75 to 100 homes evacuated out of caution. it is a fear best respected, silent deadly gas leaks have caused epic destruction across
3:07 am
the country recently. harlem an apartment building blown sky high last march. in indianapolis 2012 two neighbors living next to a house that blup were killed. a neighborhood the jersey shore on edge fearful for homes of their own. the explosion could be felt a mile away. just behind me police and utility crews working through the night as people slowly return to their neighborhood. tom llamas stafford township new jersey. much of the south will face snow and ice from north texas to virginia. the winter weather caused accidents such as this one in amarillo texas involving three dozen vehicles. hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled. most schools in the atlanta area will be closed while some dallas-area schools will reopen depending on conditions at daybreak. fog all but shut down
3:08 am
tampa's port. a coast cruise ship couldn't dock. the brilliance of the seas was so late royal caribbean has had to cancel the next cruise. as we mentioned the weather won't be very good today in the south. >> we get the complete forecast from accu-weather's justin povick. good morning, justin. >> t.j. and reena, thanks. and good morning. a slippery start today over the deep south. yes, more rain and snow and more sleet. we only have a brief break in between storm systems. there's a flood potential over interstate 10 in northern florida with several inches of snow from little rock eastbound. here are some cities impacted. little rock to the carolinas, right through wednesday night. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> thank you, justin. all of the tough weather we have been having this winter it's really enough to drive you crazy. we have a viral video that sums up how many of us feel. >> they sold this in the morning
3:09 am
meeting that what we are about to see is something special. >> all right. i believe it. >> this is good video here folks. so this happened. check this out. >> that's a cockatoo i'm told. it's running around and screaming some foolishness. apparently they talk a little bit. they can pick up a couple of words here and there. but people thought this was -- people liked this. >> what is he saying what what what what. >> good question. what is he saying? >> i want scrambled eggs. >> you speak cockatoo. >> i do speak cockatoo. >> i always learn something. you are so talented. >> my translation of t.j. holmes is much better than my translation of cockatoo speak. >> you are usually dead on.
3:10 am
>> with my translation. >> sometimes the viewers don't understand me and it needs to go through i you. and dangerous crusade. a young american taking the war on isis to the battlefield. we will follow him to the front lines to see how he is using his faith to face down ruthless terrorists. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by pampers. you are loved in so many different ways that's why you're wrapped in the comfort of pampers swaddlers with blanket-like softness and up to 12 hours of protection so all you feel is love. wishing you love sleep and play. pampers
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♪ police in london believe three teenager girls have reached their goal, crossing the border from turkey in to syria to join isis. >> young people joining forces with terrorists is a growing problem facing officials here at home as well. now moving to the front line is a new breed of young american warriors taking up the battle against isis. here's abc's terry moran. >> look on that road and you'll see isis flags on that road as well. >> reporter: he is 28 years old detroit born and bred an army veteran but this time not fighting with the u.s. armed forces. he came back to iraq on his own to take the fight to ie on his known the name of christ. >> why you. >> why not me. jesus says what you do to the least of them you do that to me. i take it very seriously, to
3:15 am
heart. >> reporter: brett he asked we not use his last name to protect his family is serving alongside a local militia in a pay ban donned christian village where we met him. >> the next town over are full of isis. >> yes. >> how far? >> less than two kilometers. >> so about a mile. >> reporter: he took us up to the roof where they watch isis looking over the no man's land. >> they are out there. that's our motivation every day. >> you want to get those flags down. >> they are coming down. >> reporter: so far from detroit, from home. brett makes no apology for becoming what he calls a soldier of christ. >> i have had a lot of people refer to me as the american crusader. i'm not here for violence. i'm here for peace. sometimes that peace comes at the end of a sword which today is the end of a barrel. >> reporter: he knows he's a terrorist target. >> reporter: you have a price on your head. >> there's a lot of people who
3:16 am
don't want me here or alive right now, so -- >> reporter: he has returned to the valley of death, but this soldier, this true believer fears no evil. brett is setting up a unit of christian soldiers. we met several others already here and he says he has heard from hundreds of american veterans who are just like him, motivated by their faith, outraged by isis atrocities and eager to get back in the fight. terry moran, abc news erbil, iraq. >> seems like brett really sees this as a biblical war, fighting against good and evil. the militia he joined is air mayic, the language believed that jesus christ spoke. >> it is important to note he has a military background. but taking it upon himself. >> coming up later why a growing number of parents are seeing red. school buses, you see that
3:17 am
drivers caught on video, speeding running red lights. we'll tell you where this is happening and surprising response we are hearing from safety experts. >> first our favorite overgrown kid dick bartolo. wait until you see what they are doing these days with bubbles. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer:
3:18 am
♪ >> good luck. >> well imagine, more than 400,000 square feet of space packed with hundreds of thousands of toys games and gizmos. no it's not really santa's workshop. >> you think it is a place for kids. the toy fair 2015 opened the doors to thousand of global play professionals. not the kids the grown ups like
3:19 am
our guy, dick bartolo. check it out. >> i have back up singers now. the electrokids. we will look around and find great stuff at toy fair 2015. come on. this is remote controlled machine animals. you can build eight animal models with the same kit. each moves in a different way. for example, the monkey will crawl along a rope. >> that's great. >> the penguin will waddle around. >> remote control animals. who knew? i'm going to now walk like a penguin and find something else. dave from wowie tells me there is a new -- >> mipisaur. >> my word. what does he do? he is coming out later this year. he is a robo dino with a gps tracking mode. he likes to react to this. he thinks he's in a teddy bear. he's in teddy bear mode. it is a virtual leash so you can
3:20 am
take him for a walk. >> i'm going to take him around the convention center. if i you see me followed bay dinosaur don't be upset. >> we're at think geek and steve is going to tell us about a kit called. >> go bricks. you can build tanks, robots anything you can dream of and build you can give motion to. >> wow. if only this was big enough they could stand on it and drive around the show. >> i thought i'd take a nap at toy fair i thought it is a sleep by number bed. it is a sleep by nail bed. it is to show you that science can be amazing. we will look at amazing bubbles. what is in -- this is epic bubbles. >> it comes with a bubble solution. the container here to make your dry ice. gloves southern california bounce the bubble and the last thing is the square bubble maker. >> oh look at that. >> we can pour that out. >> it is disappearing like my career. we don't have to watch him on
3:21 am
television, we can see him live. tell me something about this guy. >> this robot is designed to be super easy to build. social robot and construction set made of plastic polly carbonate pieces very strong and durable. you wire it up and it has a brain on the inside voice hek recognition in there as well. tell you jokes and fun trivia. >> can you replace me as a host? >> possibly but i'm sure you are a very good host. >> they don't let kids in to toy fair. fortunately they let animals in and these are my favorite animals. puppets. oh, they are scary this year. help. oh, this is better. bye. oh pussy cat, yes. >> oh boy. looks like dick had a great time there. >> he said they don't let kids in the toy fair. isn't that a shame? it seems counterintuitive.
3:22 am
a kid would go craze. >> i you have to get the adults to check it out and market it to the kids. >> good stuff, mr. debar tow toll low. whoa! what are you guys doing? making sure nothing sticks. otherwise, we gotta scrub all this stuff off. huh, what? nobody thought of this before? what's wrong with people? dish issues? not with improved cascade platinum. it powers through... your toughest, starchy messes... better than finish's best... the first time. as if your dishes were non-stick. cascade. now that's clean. thank you for calling colonial penn life insurance company. i'm glad i was able to help you today. hi, my name is jonathan lawson and i'm a customer service representative for colonial penn life insurance company. insurance can sometimes be difficult to understand, but here at colonial penn, we make it simple. alex trebek has been representing colonial penn for over ten years and is here to tell you how we do it. thanks, jonathan. i'm happy to be here with these knowledgeable colonial penn representatives.
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time now for "the mix." how much for your teeth would you get when you were younger. >> a quarter. >> our parents gypped us. i got a dollar. >> we grew up in the same time and i only got 25 cents. my family didn't tell me we were poor. they kept it from me. >> my mom gave me a dollar and said i better get an "a" on the math quiz. that's how it was done. they surveyed parents and found out you can get 5 to $13 from the tooth fairy. all the way up to new york down at the bottom 13.25. >> these are -- parents are actually saying they are giving kids this for teeth. >> that's what they say they are
3:26 am
giving them and yahoo parents found children across america are getting 1 to $5 for the tooth fairy. the study was done by oral health care company sun star gum. >> 13 bucks in new york. >> yeah. >> man, i hope my daughter doesn't see that she will punch me in the face. >> don't tell her to get the a on the math test if you get a dollar. >> got a dollar. i'm going to call my folks on that. turn to the car though. i'm a corvette guy. sting ray, 1972. see that beautiful vehicle there? a woman bought that car back in 19972. the first car and i was stolen six months after she got it. >> come on. >> six months it is gone. with ve a picture now. it just resurfaced. it was found and now she kind of wants it back but the thing is she can't get it back because she got an insurance claim and
3:27 am
money from it so the insurance company would have a claim it to. her name is terry deet rick. this is in georgia. she would have to go to court to fight for the car if she want it back. i don't know fit would be worth the fight. she would have to pay an attorney but the car surfaced all of these years. >> hi can't get over how incredible she looks after 42 years. >> she being the car. referring to the car. >> yes. and of course the car owner. supposed car owner. speaking of me getting in trouble, snacks i love snacks right, i was having an orange. you had popcorn. i ate some of your popcorn. if you don't have self control, how do you control yourself? how about the, a lock box. you put in your snack, chocolate chip cookies, everybody loves those. you seal in that time lock vault and you can put a time frame on it. like 24 hours i can't open it up and then you really can't. there's the timer. >> can't break it. >> you can't it is
3:28 am
3:29 am
i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," decision reached. the jury in the american sniper trial wasting little time finding eddie routh guilty in the murders of chris kyle and chad littlefield. we will hear from their families as they react to the news. four students arrested as their fellow students are recovering from a bad batch of molly. an alarming investigation. school buses caught speeding dangerously through neighborhoods. even blowing through stop signs. why it's happening more than you think. 50 shades of green. could the wife of "50 shades of grey" sexy lead man jamie dornan force him to bow out of the performance in the planned sequel? that's on this wednesday, february 25th.
3:31 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> wednesday, right? >> got that right. >> always a good start when i get the day right. i feel good about the rest of the show now. >> no chance of flubs after that >> let's not be crazy here. hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes alongside reena ninan. this happened short time ago. overnight we are getting this breaking news out of texas. the jury took three hours to find eddie ray routh guilty of murder. he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. here's abc's juju chang. >> all rise. >> reporter: after nine days of an evolved emotional murder trial the judge delivered the jury's verdict in this hushed courtroom. >> we, the jury, find the defendant eddie ray routh of the felony offense of capital murder charged in the indictment. >> reporter: eddie ray routh found guilty of capital murder the killing of navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle and chad littlefield.
3:32 am
the jury rejected routh's plea of not guilty by reason of insanity after three hours of deliberation. a sad epilogue to the story of chris kyle. the larger than life character played by bradley cooper in the blockbuster film "american sniper." >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> reporter: we know he pulled the trigger and killed kyle and littlefield. that was never in dispute but it the question after weeking of testimony from almost 0 witnesses it boiled down to this was routh a cold-blood murderer or so mentally ill he didn't know right from wrong when he killed the men? the jury swayed by the prosecution voted guilty. >> confinement for life in the texas department of criminal justice without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: chad's mother judy littlefield briefly addressed the cameras. >> we have waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son and as always, god has proved to be faithful. and we're so thrilled that we
3:33 am
have the verdict that we have tonight. >> reporter: chris kyle's widow had returned to texas after a weekend trip to the oscars, where she walked the red carpet, clutching her husband's dog tags and speaking to our own robin roberts. >> i wanted to be here to represent chris of course i will. it is not the ideal time to do but i want to embrace everything he should be here to do with me. >> the jury found routh to be sane when he killed the men, putting him away in prison with no possibility of parole. a dramatic real life ending to the american sniper saga. juju chang, abc news, new york. four students from wesleyan university in connecticut have been arrested on drug charges after nearly a dozen of their peers were hospitalized over the weekend. the sickened students had taken the party drug known as molly. two of them still in the
3:34 am
hospital. the four suspects including one from california and two from maryland were immediately suspended from the university. police say the batch of molly may have been mixed with other designer drugs. two days before funding for the department of homeland security expires. mitch mcconnell willing to allow a vote just to fund the agency separating it from the main source of the impasse. president obama's executive action on immigration. the democrats are agreeable but they want assurances it won't die in the house. another divisive issue in washington, the keystone pipeline defined the gop. president obama approved the bill. republicans hailed it as a way to boost the economy. environmentalists opposed it. it is the third veto of obama's presidency. congress does not appear to be to have the votes to override the veto. happening right now, we turn to more nasty weather. this time a storm hitting the south. weather alerts in 12 states and state of emergency in alabama. north texas schools might reopen today.
3:35 am
alabama schools will be closed as the south braces for another blast of snow and ice. abc's steve osunsami with the story. >> reporter: this is how dangerous the roads look from our windshield in georgia. the roar of the ice under our tires encouraging us to drive slowly. and this is what we were trying to avoid. driver of this semi lost control and his truck nearly fell off of a texas highway. >> pretty thick a couple miles down the road there. >> the ice. >> the ice. >> the deliveries inside of this wrecked fedex truck in jackson, mississippi, will be certainly late . at the dallas-ft. worth airport, here's an american airlines jet sliding off the runway with 68 frightened passengers. it only takes a degree or two to make the difference between rain and ice. what started in the mid south as rain turned to sheets of ice and then the snow. it doesn't take much of it to cause trouble in the south. suffering an unusual series of storms this week. drivers in raleigh saw an inch and a third of snow and one of
3:36 am
them died in a wreck. on the roads up north, a new problem. large pieces of ice falling off trucks and crashing in to windshields. >> i'd say a foot long, half foot wide like this. >> reporter: he's recovering but needed 30 stitches. the weather system is pushing as far south as florida, causing heavy fog in the gulf, stranding cruise ship passengers at port and sea. >> they just moved us closer. >> reporter: thousands with vacations ruined. >> across the south they are watching for black ice all this week. overnight temperatures will stay near or below freezing. steve osunsami, abc news, georgia. >> keep an eye out for the same things, black ice, below freezing temperatures in over parts of the country as well. >> just thinking about it got chilly. now might be a good time to check in with accu-weather's justin povick for the national weather forecast. good morning, justin. >> t.j. and reena, thanks and good morning. the south waking up to another
3:37 am
winter storm as if yesterday's wasn't enough. the next one packing quite the punch as well especially throughout arkansas, northern mississippi, alabama, georgia and cutting east in to the carolinas, not to forget the heavy rain aspect. some flooding potential here where we will see most of the sleet and snow. little rock, atlanta, toward charlotte in to southeastern virginia over western north carolina from asheville to boone, somebody will end up with a foot of snow. and there's a flooding potential further to the south over louisiana, mississippi in to northern florida as well as our storm system moves east. t.j. and reena, back to you. >> justin, thank you so much. the explosives used in an attempted bank robbery in connecticut turned out to be fake. law enforcement sources tell abc news that devices strapped to a credit union executive and his mother were not real bombs. matthew yussman said two men forced their way in to his home
3:38 am
and ordered him to take money from the credit union. but he alerted a co-worker who called police. police are looking for the two suspects. hope solo is talking about actions that led to the suspension from the sport. an exclusive interview with "good morning america's" robin roberts, solo denied assaulting her nephew saying she was actually the victim. solo expressed regret riding in usa soccer team van with her husband arrested on dui charges. >> what in the world were you thinking? >> clearly i wasn't thinking. it was horrible choice. i think i just wasn't in a good place emotionally to make even good decisions. it's not an excuse but it was stupid and i should have called a taxi. >> you can see more of robin robert's interview with solo later this morning on "good morning america." there's yet another twist in one of the nation's biggest divorce settlements. the former wife of multibillionaire hedge fund
3:39 am
owner ken griffin is seeking $1 million a month in child support. the couple has three children under the age of ten with four nannies. their monthly expenses include $14,000 for food, 13,000 for private jet. >> wait. go back. read that again. >> $300,000 for a private jet. >> 300 grand for the kids to get around. >> private jet. >> 160,000 for vacation. >> kids need to travel. >> and $2000 for stationary. >> penmanship is a big deal. >> that's why i tell my wife we shouldn't have a second child. they are expensive. >> maybe they are not shopping at costco. brings down the grocery bill. retiree near chicago sitting pretty on a ginormous nest egg. 70-year-old jesus davila claimed the largest lot ry jackpot in the history of illinois, $265 million. he thought heed that five numbers until his son double checked his mega million ticket.
3:40 am
he opted for the lump sum payment. he plans to share his prize with his family. >> congrats to him. a record-breaking winter in boston as you may know. maybe you want to get a part of that history. now you can. look at what this guy is trying to do. you want some of that snow? an area resident will sell you a bottle of it. guaranteed to be genuine local snow. you can get it for 20 bucks. that may melt in transit. so for $89 he will sell you six pounds of specially packaged snow with overnight delivery. you have to find an under inflated football of your own giving a play on what is happening in boston -- we have to let that go. >> let it go. >> let it go. a resident of canada's maritime province has a solution to shoveling all of that snow off his driveway. you see it there? he dug a tunnel, 25-foot pass age.
3:41 am
took him six hours to do it. you can stand up in this thing. >> he began his great escape after the storm dumped three feet of snow on prince edward island. one problem, he still can't get his car out. when he does the light at the end of the tunnel will be a headlight. >> that's a lot of digging. that took a while. >> "a" for creativity. >> still didn't get the car after all of that. >> who needs a car now? no one wants to drive around. coming up in "the skinny," a sneak peek at tonight's history-making "modern family." caught on camera, school buses speeding around at an alarming rate. an investigation of why it is happening so often all around the country. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by digestive advantage.
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the drivers in whom we trust our children's lives. but increasingly a growing number of parents find the trust maybe misplaced. >> school bus drivers and a growing number of them caught on camera speeding and even running red lights. linsey davis teamed up with our affiliate for this investigation. >> reporter: one after the other you see them. school buses running red lights. sometimes traveling as much as 18 miles an hour over the speed limit. often never even touching the brakes. the only thing they are breaking is the law. >> it is shocking to see that. >> reporter: this bus driver does it right in front of a police officer, and no hesitation here as this school bus drives full speed ahead four seconds after the light turns red. it is happening all over the country, ohio, arizona, maryland and new york and in many cases children were on board.
3:46 am
some drivers face stiff fines, while others face suspension. experts tell us the children are still safer riding on school buses than in cars. >> they are 50 times more likely to get to school safely than if they were driving themselves or riding with friends. >> reporter: still videos like these -- >> potentially on our bus 50 lives you put in danger. >> reporter: have many parents seeing red. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> a lot of parents were upset because there's little disciplinary action that happens after a situation like this. >> it seems there should be a zero-tolerance policy on something like this. running a red light in a school bus. we don't know which we are seeing. kids are in or not in. they say many there are kids but still shocking to see. >> i'm still upset there aren't seat belts in school buses. they said if they were to add them in it would really drive up the costs. >> hot debate in the country about seat beats. come of the names topping
3:47 am
the cast of "dancing with the stars." jamie dornan. what? this is a huge hit. "50 shades of grey," he may not come back for the sequel? seriously? that's all ahead in "the skinny." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ topping our headlines in "the skinny" the new class of "dancing with the stars" the star-studded cast of season 20 has been revealed with the competition shaping up to be the fiercest yet. putting on their dancing shoes. tv icon suzanne somers, two-time grammy music legend patti labelle. football player michael sam, olympian nastia liukin. >> from "shark tank" roger herjavec and willow shields and rumer willis you may know her parents demi and bruce and rumer willis you may know her parents demi and bruce and riker lynch singer/song writer that rounds out the class. she with the group r-5 with his siblings and one friend. >> and a gold mirror ball trophy this season. yep, it is going to be big. next up, could jamie dornan drop out of "50 shades of grey." >> no is the answer.
3:50 am
there are talks heating up about a "50 shades of grey" sequel. rumors the film's lead. you see him on the left maybe bowing out. ans aaustralia magazine reporting that his wife is not comfortable with her husband's raunchy sex scenes with co-star dakota johnson and refuses to watch the movie. >> now she tells us. >> a rep from jamie dornan says don't believe the rumors. this is conjecture as the studio itself has not committed to a sequel. >> i thought people said the sex scenes weren't steamy enough. >> there was some talk about that. >> there you go. >> another sequel here to tell you about. pee-wee herman but not on the big screen, however. >> netflix announced a collaboration with paul rubin and anchorman and bridesmaids producer judd -- yeah. pee wee's big holiday is slated to start shooting this year. >> last feature length film was in 1988. pee wee's play house. he says the project is a dream come true. he said he has been a pee wee fan for a long time.
3:51 am
>> me too. that was our saturday morning tradition. i can't believe he is coming back. i have seen him in other films. it doesn't seem like he fits pee wee anymore. to the small screen now. even smaller now for "modern family." tonight's episode filmed with apple's iphone 6, ipad and it appears to take place on claire's laptop. check this out. >> happy birthday! >> oh, hey. is it still my birthday. >> watch it or i will sing to you. ♪ >> okay. i get it. >> so, have you had a good day? >> yes, thank you. lily made her famous chocolate chip scrambled eggs which she watched me death eat. >> you got my present, didn't you?eat. >> you got my present, didn't you? >> no. >> they promised it would be there on time. >> i can't wait to open it up and see the date on the invoice. >> is that claire?
3:52 am
>> yes. >> hi, claire. >> hi. >> "modern family" is tonight at 9:00 p.m. here on abc. i was wondering how they did it and now i get it. looking forward it to. at 9:00 p.m. here on abc. i was wondering how they did it and now i get it. looking forward it to. you had to go deep into the cupboard. embarrassingly deep. can this mismatched mess be conquered... by a little bit of dish liquid? it can if it's dawn ultra. now even more concentrated... just one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this other liquid. here's to the over extended family gathering. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money.
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a a performance you may remember from the oscars a couple of days ago, selma's soaring anthem "glory" left hardly a dry eye in the theater. >> we have all experienced the power of music. music has to bring out emotions sometimes. now we are learning some solid science behind the reactions. we are up all "nightline" with abc's david wright. ♪ >> oscar worthy anthem "glory" from "selma." moving the star-studded audience in the dolby theater to tears. how is it that great songs trigger our emotions? the music itself inviting our empathy or inspiring us. ♪ sometimes it lasts in love but
3:56 am
sometimes it hurts instead ♪ >> pick any adele song. "someone like you" for instance. ♪ never mind i'll find someone like you ♪ >> reporter: or whitney houston singing "the national anthem." ♪ music has always had that power, but why? joshua mailman is a music professor at columbia university. ♪ glory ♪ >> reporter: mailman was able to pull apart "glory" on the spot after listening to it just once. is >> this particular song, so that's a minor chord. that's a major chord. so we have a major chord. we have shifted moods. >> one of the musical tricks that composers use for sad songs is something called the appoggiatura . >> you are jumping to a note, a pitch you don't expect.
3:57 am
>> and it sharpens you. >> it is something adele often turns to in her songs. mailman says it is not just that songs are happy or sad but they take us along for the ride. even pharrell's "happy." ♪ because i'm happy ♪ >> "happy." >> is authentic. >> full range of happy. >> happy and sad together. like salted caramel, he says. maybe that's why it feels so good. i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> salted caramel. i like that. >> the candy you went right to the candy. forgot the whole piece was about. >> good morning, who wouldn't go for the sugar lie. they say music has the power to heal. that soundwaves equal energy waves. that's why it moves you. >> that's why i have music on constantly around hoar. >> got your beats on. >> always. i need healing. >> announcer: from is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, guilty. the swift decision in the american sniper trial overnight taking little time to put away the man that shot chris kyle and his friend. the danger zone from texas to virginia. a rare accumulating snow coating roads and closing schools. caught on camera. the moment a quiet street became a disaster zone. the blast littering homes with debris. could this actually happen in your neighborhood? say cheese. the ultimate selfie 268 miles up. good wednesday morning to you all. thank you for spending time with us. this verdict came


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